Decentralized collateral system
Links traditional lendingand the blockchain

The Solution

The world’s first decentralized multi-platform collateral network

ASSETIFY will provide secure decentralized crypto asset collateral system on whichcan be build hundreds of collateral
depository platforms. This way, every owner ofdigital assets, holding coins or tokens supported by ASSETIFY, can pledge his assetsas a collateral and receive a loan from a number of lending institutions. On the other hand, any lender, from anywhere in the world, will be able to build its own depository on ASSETIFY and start accepting digital assets as collateral. Thus, every lender will keep the collateral assets in a separate independent depository. All lenders define their own terms for acceptance, control and release of collateral. Loans will be provided independently from the Depository platform, in any currency supported by the respective lender.


Our platform removes the need for state-owned, centralized depositories and allows any lending institution to build independent depositories within the system. We provide a network upon which different and independent Depository platforms can be built by every certified credit or bank institutions around the world.


To ensure the full security of our platform we use cryptographically secure multisignature wallets to store the assets, and smart contracts to execute the transactions. The borrower (owner of the assets) is always one of the key-holders whose signature is required to perform a transaction. Keys are also kept by the lender and ASSETIFY so that none of the parties can act on its own discretion. Three, four or five multisignature wallets will be used depending on the amount of collateral.

ASSETIFY Smart Contract

How it works


Lender sets up his depository platform on Assetify


The terms for thecollateral are definedby the lender


The lender can thenoffer loans to be securedwith digital assets


The borrower signsa loan agreementwith the lender


The borrower creates awallet on the Assetify network and depositsthe digital assets as collateral


Deposited collateral is heldin a multi-signature walletwith minimum threesignatures - for the borrower,lender and Assetify


Smart contractis activated


The borrower receivescash from lender infiat currency


When the contract ends thesmart contract releases thecollateral to the borrower


How it works for lenders?


Any lender can usethis infrastructureand accept differenttypes of digital assetsas collateral


Holders of digital assets retain ownership of theirdigital assets for theentire loan period


The terms for the collateral are defined by everylender individually


The terms for the collateral are defined by every lender individually

How it works for borrowers?


A borrower seeking a loan visits a trusted lender and selects a loan option that allows the use of digital assets as collateral


The borrower signs a contract with the lender


The borrower deposits theirdigital assets on ASSETIFY


The loan is approved and borrower receives the cash to use as planned


Collateral smart contracts

Fully integratable with any lender website

Time and tax savings

Flexibility - infinite customization options

Multi-signature collateral contracts

The borrower retains ownership of his digital assets, thereby benefiting from any potential future increase in value

Independent service provider

Quick to set up