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500 Active loans
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2-factor authentication
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Dedicated Account Manager
3-day training course

The Professional package serves the needs of companies with interest in the new digital finance niche, but no clear specialization in lending. We understand your desire to preserve your freedom and to diversify your portfolio of services, so we have prepared for you a reasonable deal. Start accepting digital assets as collateral and invite your clients into an improved and secure lending process.

Share Assetify’s potential for your business with your team. Professional package allows you to add up to 5 users in the platform. Be joined by your financial advisors, KYC specialists and compliance team. Keep an eye on all emerging processes together and track the results with your own Account Manager. Adjust the permission of each associate with the Role & Permissions feature and make sure that everyone has access to the information and process they need.
When it comes to loans, we provide you with the sufficient amount of up to 500 individual requests. Our features allow you to take care of all of your users at the same time while also building strong relationships between your lenders and borrowers. Take advantage of the full transparency and keep track of every step of the lending processes.
We add an additional layer of security with our Two-Factor Authentication for Professional packages. Make sure that every user is insured with the highest security and protection measures. Every organization needs a truly reliable service, so we insure your processes in a safe place even in unexpected circumstances. Always be the only one with access to your own account, even if your password turns out to be weak.

Customization options help you for design purposes

– add your own brand logos, corporate colours and adapt the dashboard to your needs. Add the visual character of your organization to the platform. Turn the product into a recognizable and memorable environment with precise branding.

Professional package works best if you’re interested in exploring the lending market with digital assets or interested in learning more about your user growth opportunities.

When in need of support, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our teams of professionals are ready to meet your needs 24/7 or answer your question through Email support. Don’t forget to also get use of the video tutorials in our Help Center which explain in detail most common use cases.

Professional package shares its full potential fitting your needs for a monthly billing worth of $200 and a one-time Integration fee for $500. We are also happy to present to you an Average Interest of 5.5% responding your purposes in a lucrative way.