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Lite is the best fit for single users looking for a great deal. If you’re searching for the best way to enter the lending world with digital assets, we recommend starting from here.

The package offers favorable conditions with а solid investment return. Assetify will provide you with all essential factors for a stable financial venture. Experience all benefits coming from the ability to trade with digital collateral, without loosing your digital assets. Don’t waste years of investing for a fiat currency – add value to your wallet and keep on trading.
The package can manage all the lending processes up to 20 loans running at the same time. This version also allows you to pay for additional loans to be executed through the CRM. Your own Account Manager will help you operate in the most beneficial way possible - all of its features are available in your favor. No design branding added.
Your security is assured with the proven method of Two-Factor Authentication. The extra layer of security provides stable access reduced to only one user. This means that you do not have to worry, even if your password becomes public – you’ll still be the only one allowed to verify any login or process.

Our team of established professionals is ready to answer all your questions and needs via Email support.

We are available to reach out 8 hours a day during all working days.

Our specialists worked hard to prepare an additional FAQ section in our Help center.

There you can find a lot of useful materials answering the most commonly occurred questions and video tutorials for a better explanation of the platform use. If you’re searching for the best way to enter the lending world with digital assets, we recommend starting from here.

Assetify’s Lite package is $100. There’s one-time charge for Integration work worth $500 and Subscription Fee worth $100/month for every 30 days of usе.

The offer incorporates highly developed working features for personalization and tools for process optimization fitting just the right needs of the customer. We also ensure a average Interest of 6% per loan meeting your needs in a very advantageous way. This means that according to our calculations, it’s likely you’ll reach return of your investment in as less as 38 days. True to our mission to add further value, our teams are ready to assist with their professional competence anytime questions or potential disputes occur.