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Seamless Integration

  • Our integration process is simple and is completely done by us. We will take care for all the front facing website and the rock-solid secure backend.Our integration happens between few hours and a week after subscription.
  • We value your security and focus on usability therefore the fiat payments are done though a certificated EMI. After your deposit is completed, it is your turn to start generating revenue using Assetify's platform.
  • As a next generation fintech product connecting the traditional banking with digital assets, we are going to take care for all the small details about transactions, security and system-level support, so you can focus on your business.
Discover Automated workflows

Automated workflows

  • Assetify CRM gives you an overview of all your lending activities. Customers, Emails, Tasks and Reminders are easily accessible and trackable within the platform to help you be efficient.
  • Assetify shows you the items that need attention. Everything you do in Assetify is synced to your main screen, making sure you’re on top of your priorities.

Work in a simple and beautiful UI

  • Plenty of CRMs are just plain ugly and difficult to use. With Assetify, whatever you’re looking for is just a click away.


Estonian License

We are Licensed by the Estonian FIU to store and operate with digital assets. The Estonian government is one of the most innovative ones in terms of accepting digitalization and being open to digital assets. We have decided to operate there given the friendly stance they've taken the past years.

Multisignature wallets

We utilize multisignature wallets to store and secure the funds to enable a trustless link between the lender and the borrower. The collateral can be tracked in the wallet and it will be locked until the loan is completed.

Experienced cybersecurity team

Our team has experience in making robust systems and has been involved with fintech, blockchain and healthcare projects. We are maintaining the quality and security of our platform with the latest technology on the market.

Seamless integration. New horizons.

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